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People in the publishing business have mixed feelings about authors’ blogs. Perhaps for good reason. I think of blogging as a form of catharsis. Tinged with a little bull pucky. Here are three arguments against starting a blog:

“The competition is fierce.”

Who am I competing with? I don’t know if anyone is taking count, but there’s probably about 330 million blogs in the US alone. Too low? Do I have to register this blog somewhere? Is there an entry fee?

“Blogs are a time suck.”

I’m pounding this out at midnight. There’s not a lot competing for my time at midnight. And yes, I’m lucid. And I’m fairly certain I can pound out 300-400 words each week. Wait, what? Is there a specific length to a blog?

“The schedule is demanding.”

What schedule? Anyone taking the time to scan my scribbling won’t likely be setting his or her watch to my next entry. They might be reading this at midnight, in which case, I should remind them that Adult Swim is on. But, you’re here. Good choice.

Is anybody there? Yoo hoo.

But let’s get one thing out of the way from the start. If you are reading this inaugural blog post, then you probably know my debut novel A Bit of Candy in Hard Times (ABCHT) was published this summer. It goes without saying that I want to sell books. If you have already bought one or more books, THANK YOU. Please encourage your family, friends and colleagues to do the same. Please also go online to Amazon or wherever you bought the book and write a review. People keep asking me “when is the 2nd book in the Puget Sound trilogy coming out?” Sales and reviews will make that happen.

And BTW, if you haven’t already bought a book, why not???

With that said, I am not planning to use this blog to constantly bug you about buying my current or future books. That will be implied. I may post occasional thought pieces, articles or photos that relate to ABCHT if relevant.

I promise to be sober or thoughtful about things I choose to write. There will be other eyes scanning the screed to buff out any pontification. I’ll share my opinion where I think it’s warranted. And I want to hear others’ opinions as well. I still like to learn.

Okay, the first thing I’m going to take on is legislated morality. There are many parallels between the prohibition of alcohol - which is the back drop to ABCHT - and the current activity vis-à-vis the legalization of marijuana. There’s been talk out of the DOJ that the DEA is going to crack down on the marijuana dispensaries in states where the drug has become legal. Why? Moolah. Oh, there’s a lot to be said about the motivation to regulate human behavior. Big business at war.

Watch this spot.

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