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Where Are YOU Reading A Bit of Candy in Hard Times

Dad reading to Betty and

Lucy in New Jersey

 At the Miracle in Minneapolis
Playoff Game!! 
             At the World Series
Nova Scotia ABCHT #1.jpg
Nova Scotia ABCHT #2.jpg
 Look what the Book Faeries left in Nova Scotia

On vacation in

Cabo San Lucas

At the Grand Canyon!
On vacation in Florida!
Congrats to new Julliard student!!!
Ohio Book Club  photo.jpg
 Look what the Book Faeries left in Nova Scotia
 The Busy Women's Book Club in Toledo, Ohio
Kicking back in 
Spokane WA!
Finished Reading in
Princeton, British Columbia 
Waking Up in Minnesota!
  At home in the Arizona desert
Hangin' Out at O'Malley's on Main in Seal Beach, CA
At the Greenbuild 2017 Conference in Boston
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