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What’s a man to do after the Coast Guard shoots up his boat, sinks it, and leaves him for dead off the coast of Maine? 
In the 1920s, at the height of prohibition, options are limited. Emmett Dougal, fisherman and rumrunner, feels it best to put some distance between him and his recent past, returning to his Puget Sound roots to start afresh. But home isn’t what it used to be, and Emmett finds himself embroiled in adventures of love, larceny, and organized labor.
Despite his best efforts, life as an honest fisherman doesn’t pay what it needs to, and Emmett finds himself tempted back into the dangerous trade of rum running. The local police and the feds may be at odds with each other, but both have an unhealthy interest in prohibition and the men who break the rules.


January 2019

Virtual Book Club Event

Busy Women's Book Club

Toledo, Ohio




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Gold Medal (First prize): 2017 Foreward INDIES

Book of the Year Award winner in Historical Fiction

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